My story

What does a $2 computer at a flea market have to do with me writing this? Turns out... everything!

My story starts with, believe it or not, Minecraft. I was playing it a lot when I was 13. Naturally, I wanted to play with friends. I bought the $2 computer at a flea market and installed Ubuntu Server on it. Now of course, every proper Minecraft server has a website. So I installed LAMP and started reading up on how to code in something called HTML. Quickly, became my guide. Before I knew it, I was making websites.

Then started my wild ride of app development on two different projects. I learned Java (and later Kotlin) and Swift development. One of the apps needed offline support with writes, so I implemented a local database using Realm and worked on syncing with basic time-based diffing.

Some years later I started experimenting with retraining ImageNet to do what classify things I wanted. Using IFPS as a data source for web apps was also really interesting. Also had some fun with trying to make a ball balance on a plate with two servos mounted under it. Somewhere along the way, I got briefly back into Minecraft and started to make Bukkit plugins. I made a working Quake-like FPS in Java.

During my journey, I've grown interested in UI and UX design and do now enjoy iterating on mockups in Figma before starting to code. In recent years I've worked mostly with React, but I've also tried Vue.js and Svelte and find declarative interactive UI as a whole quite interesting.

When I'm not coding or designing, I like to take photos or experiment with rendering some cool things in Blender.


While I’m still in currently in high school, I’ve worked professionally on two occations.

  • Web developer at AASchools


    Feb 2019 - Nov 2019

    I built the front-end of a platform (with diffrencens for students, teachers and administrators) for the schools. It was made with React and Redux for state managment. I also set up a CI/CD system using Amazon ECS and Travis via GitHub.

  • App developer at Roboro


    Oct 2016

    I worked on an iOS and Android app for as a collaboration between Roboro AB and Internetstiftelsen (Swedish Internet Foundation). Koda is a website teaching kids how to code using simplified JavaScript canvas APIs. The apps where published on Play store and App store and included offline syncing, authentication and a code editor.

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